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The inspiration and imagination for rethinking and reinventing health are everywhere. Healthymagination wants to help tell these stories in order to inspire others to make better health part of their lives.

GOOD Guide to Living Better
Our friends at GOOD have just released their GOOD Guide to Living Better. As part of it, they collaborated with healthymagination on a custom set of Morsels. Check out the GOOD Guide and get a little bit healthier with some GOOD Morsels.
Healthy School Days
A healthy diet is a crucial component to any child's education, but maintaining nutritious eating habits throughout the school year can be difficult to achieve, for families at any income level.
Meet mobilegs
Jeff Weber brings lessons learned in furniture design to a fresh take on crutches - resulting in a device that helps speed recovery and reduces the secondary trauma often caused by traditional crutches.
Morsel Summer Survival Guide
Summer is just around the corner, and with all the fun and sun come new opportunities to be a little healthier. Before you fire up the grill or dust off your beach chairs, take a look at our Morsel Summer Survival Guide.
The Art of Therapy
Therapeutic programs for Alzheimer's patients are successfully - and unexpectedly - fighting symptoms of the disease. We take a look at two such programs that are transforming treatment and dramatically reducing the need for medication.
Healthy Alterations
Taking a fresh look at the design of the traditional gown could make the process of treating patients more effective and make the patients themselves feel less stressed.
Decoding Data
Balancing aesthetic form and function, Ben Fry and Camille Kubie are helping people make better sense of data.
Pediatric Adventures
Recognizing the importance of patient perception, the GE Adventure Series™ team and Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC take an unconventional approach to improving children’s imaging experience.
Hip-Hop Health
Olajide Williams, may be a neurologist and a professor, but on the streets of Harlem he's better known as the "Hip Hop Doc."