Accelerating cancer innovation & assembling tools to fight cancer

The GE Cancer Commitment

Allocating 1 billion dollars and helping 10 million patients by 2020.

Making an impact on cancer and the people it affects takes more than a global effort; it requires a pledge for rapid innovation. GE is committing $1 billion in dedicated cancer-related research and development in addition to helping clinicians deliver care to 10 million patients by 2020. We reach these goals together by enabling more accurate diagnoses and better treatment through faster, more effective technologies.

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GE awards $100,000 to each of five breakthrough research ideas.

Innovation Challenge Seed Winners Selected

In September 2011, GE created the healthymagination Challenge to identify and accelerate ideas to advance breast cancer early detection and diagnostics, and ultimately help save lives affected by breast cancer. Meet the first of the winning teams who answered the call with resounding success, and see the ideas that are changing the future of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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All Faces launches to keep all women informed and involved

GE and All Faces™ are working with leaders in communities of color to decrease the alarming disparity in survival rates of breast cancer patients among different cultures.

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For Women By Women

GE’s For Women By Women experience invited collaborators from the medical, design, not-for-profit and corporate worlds to explore new approaches to mammography, breast imaging, cancer treatment and women’s health. Key partners included IDEO, Victoria’s Secret, Kiehls, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

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Global Commitments

Global Commitments

Global Commitments

As many as two-thirds of women across the world must forego regular breast cancer screenings due to limited access to appropriate facilities or trained medical professionals. GE is committed to reaching many of these women through a series of multilateral in-country partnerships with governments, NGOs, and local health partners who can help mobilize efforts on the ground in each region.

  • Saudi Arabia

    GE is partnering with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health and King Fahad Medical City to raise awareness of the importance of breast cancer screenings. GE will be piloting two “mobile clinics” that will provide easy access for women to be screened for breast cancer. Read how GE is working with local partners to break down the stigma associated with cancer among Saudi Arabian society and raise awareness of the importance of breast cancer screenings.

  • Australia

    Almost half of all diagnosed cases of cancer in Australia involves breast cancer in women. Increasing access to breast cancer screening and partnering with local institutes is GE’s top priority for Australia. Continue reading to find out which partners are making greater access to health screening possible in Australia.

  • China

    Given how limited breast cancer awareness is in China currently, GE and a number of partners including the Chinese government and Ministry of Health, are launching a broad outreach program to raise awareness of breast cancer screening procedures. Continue reading about GE’s efforts to train doctors in villages and rural areas to improve screening rates and accuracy of diagnosis.

Data Visualization

Look who's talking

As a topic, breast cancer is trending more than you think. Interact with our cloud of a live twitter feed and search by topics, stories, and the people sharing them.

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The GE Show

Factory Flyovers on The GE Show

Factory Flyovers

Since the beginning of time, man has been trying to understand the inner-workings of one of the most familiar, yet mysterious structures in our world - the human body. This episode will explore how a shift in perspective can unlock the mysteries of nature, and uncover new ways to look at human health.

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Individuals need individualized treatment

See informative videos that answer patients' questions about the importance of individualized treatment, and get insights from leading medical experts into how molecular-level testing is changing the way in which cancer is treated.

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The GE Show

Therapy that does more than make music

Music therapy was recently scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and pain in cancer patients.

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GE Reports

Funding innovation

Funding innovation

If you really let your imagination go free, how do you think we could beat breast cancer? GE and its venture capital partners are pledging up to $100 million to find and fund the best ways to improve breast cancer diagnosis and give more treatment choices to more people.

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GE Stories

Survival of our own

Hear the stories of five GE women from different walks of life, career paths and cultural backgrounds talking about one thing that unites them all: surviving breast cancer.

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