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A shared commitment to creating better health for more people.

Healthymagination is a $6 billion strategy to revolutionize the world’s health by improving the quality, access and affordability of care. We work to transform how we treat disease, empower communities to get healthier, and build a healthcare system that helps people live better lives. Technology, people and partnerships—this is how change happens. This is healthymagination. Working together, we can help cure the world.


Innovation Challenge Seed Winners

As part of the 1 billion dollar GE Cancer Commitment, five seed winners were awarded $100,000 each for their breakthrough work in emerging breast cancer research innovation.

Get StartUp Health Partner to Accelerate Health Innovation

A three-year entrepreneur program will provide expertise, resources, and growth opportunities for consumer health companies.

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Start Up Health

GE is helping startups to accelerate consumer health innovation through shared expertise, resources and growth opportunities.


Browse and download mobile apps that help you manage your personal health and access health information.

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